I am a 55+ year old woman with a husband (Dr. T, aka TMIM- “That Man I Married”) a kid, ( The Kid), a dog (Waldo), a cat (Willow), and a house. I’m living in Durham, North Carolina, after leaving the best job I ever had to end three years of bi-coastal marriage.

Since relocating from the San Francisco Bay area, I’ve been looking for the next best job I ever had. In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying a part time position in home design retail, volunteering, working on rehabbing my own home, and writing, mostly right here.

I write about what interests me: family, home, health, work and whatever. (The whatever includes, in no particular order:  dogs, birds, food, fashion, pop culture and UNC basketball.) I write to help myself think, to clarify my goals, to set a course of action, and sometimes, just to amuse myself. I also mean to explore what it means to be my age.

Even though I am writing very much for myself, I hope that some of it will be of use or interest to readers. Comments are welcome. But enough about me…