Here I am, in the horrifying position of being able to do whatever I want, constrained only by  gravity, the time-space continuum, and money. And my chronological age.

Here’s the condensed version: I voluntarily left a job I loved, in a great city on one coast to join my husband, who I love more, in our house on the other coast.

The Good: an end to 3 years of bi-coastal marriage

The Bad: no job at my age in a down economy

The Ugly: the condition of our house after years of tenant occupancy

This blog is intended to document and clarify my search for gainful and meaningful employment. I’ll be discussing some of the house rehab as it occurs.  I will be writing about the big and little delights of life in my corner of the world. I suspect there will be some discussion of living with other humans, in my case a husband and adult child (there’s an oxymoron for you.) And whatever else lands in my brain from time to time.

My favorite joke off all time is from Paula Poundstone. It goes something like this: “You know why grown-ups are always asking kids what they want to do when they grow up? They’re looking for ideas!”  I’m looking for ideas~