If I like something, I want you to have a chance to like it too.

When the weather turns cold, I start to crave this: steel cut oats, fresh blueberries, dried cranberries (mine are the Trader Joe’s orange flavored ones,) ground flax seed (you’ll never even know it’s there), walnut pieces,  and cinnamon. Moisten it your way- a splash of milk or buttermilk, or a pat of butter for a little pushback against all that healthy goodness. It’s got it all : hot,  juicy, chewy, crunchy, aromatic, and creamy. I’m good to go for hours after a bowl.

If you are reading this, you have the internet just like I do, so I won’t bore you with the nutritional merits of every component of this breakfast. You can look them up.

Of course, I’ve never been able to convince The Kid or TM(“don’t talk to me about oatmeal”)IM to share, or even try this glorious concoction. It’s up to you- do you want to be a super hero too?

What’s your favorite breakfast?