Those big yellow buses are rolling through my neighborhood this week. Even though neither The Kid nor Dr. T. take one, they are both in school again. I went back to school in my own way last month, resuming literacy lessons with BR after the July break.

That July break extended through August for me in many ways; for some reason, all of my little routines seem to have been disrupted at once: my neighbor became unavailable for our regular walks,  Dr. T. was out of school, the weather turned either viciously hot or rainy (not that THAT was a surprise) and I just generally drifted through the last two months without much of a plan.

Which is not to say that nothing got done. I have had a couple of good conversations and a great coffee date with my new Linkedin connection. I think we will stay in touch and I am already encouraged and inspired to explore finding some way to be useful in my old field.

I’ve been training in my new position at my existing job, and getting more comfortable in that role.

Several projects around here are inching toward completion, and we are having the exterior of the house painted next week (there are no words to express my glee.) 

We had a small and enjoyable party for The Kid’s 21rst birthday.

There is something about the end of summer that always makes me want to start over and do better. It’s like New Year’s Eve without the threat of a hangover. I suppose my September birthday adds to the sense of the chance for a fresh start. So here I go again…