February, or as I have taken to calling it, “Mulligan Month” or “This Time I Really Mean It Month” may be my new favorite.  January may be the official start of the new year, but I think we can make a case for February.

In January, the stores are still cluttered with worse for wear holiday markdowns, we’re still getting back to our “normal” routines, and it gets dark too early to feel much ambition. (OK, maybe that last one is just me.)

By the time February rolls around, the sun is staying up a little later, which always helps. The year is still fresh, and there is room for optimism. Conference play has begun in NCAA basketball, but it’s early enough to hope your team will get it together in time for the tournament. (Again, that might be just me- Come on, ‘Heels!)

In February, you get a sense of which of your resolutions and aspirations may have a chance of sticking, and can tweak or add to them before it’s too late. You can also do a fairly good job of catching up with the goals you intended to reach during  the first month of the year. (I tend to spend too much time in January thinking about what I want to accomplish. By February, I am itching to do it.)

Four compact weeks with no messy left-over days:  adhering to an all month regime is easier  in February. And, don’t forget- right in the middle, you are encouraged, if not obliged, to eat chocolate. And be loving.

It’s a short sweet month, and it’s over before you know it, like so many other things. Enjoy, get something done, be loving, and have a little chocolate.

(and Go ‘Heels!)