“There is doing or not doing. There is no try.” Somebody said that.  I don’t remember who. Yoda, maybe? (see what I did there?)

That may be true in the world of space heroes, entrepreneurs, and rock hard abs.Everyone there lives in charming and pristine homes. There is no  self doubt, no second guessing. It’s all action and creativity, all the time.

It’s not true in my world. I live in the land of commuting, government work and and pants that don’t fit anymore. I am knee deep in unfinished projects. I want to act, but I worry about outcomes: What if I can’t? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s no good? Is this the best choice? Should I be doing something else?

“Just try,”  I will say to myself. This is slightly different than “Just start.”

Trying is having permission to be less than perfect, to (gasp) fail, or to just quit, if it turns out that the idea was bad, the color was wrong, or maybe I need to give it another shot tomorrow.

Trying is my bridge between desire and action, in cases large and small.  Starting is what I do after I have decided to try.

Will I start posting here again more often? Will I get back into my daily walking habit? Will I accomplish the other things I’d like to do this year?

I don’t know, but I’ll try.