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So the three times weekly (M,W, Sat) publishing experiment has been unsuccessful, to put it kindly. And I am on a mission to be kinder to myself. So rather than berate myself for failing, I will consider the last two weeks a bit of a break, and start again today.

The new year has been interesting so far, in a good way: I’ve been to Raleigh with Dr. T to observe parts of a Moral Monday trial (he is representing some of the protesters pro bono) resumed lessons with BR, attended a meeting of a new group, attended my first Toastmasters meeting as an official member, and socialized more than usual too.

As to my self-photo a day resolution, I will say this: I am rapidly losing interest in myself as a subject. I expect this will result in me “getting over myself” and having a photo I can stand to use on LInkedIn soon so I can move on. Making sure to take a picture and post an entry daily has been a challenge. I dropped the ball on January 7, but I am giving myself a pass because although I didn’t take my own photo, I did cause photos of myself to be taken. (Publicly, even!) I am enjoying the app I am using for the project though: Day One, a nifty journaling tool. Check it out.

Not living a highly scheduled life since I’ve come back home has not really agreed with me. I intend to build more routine and structure into my life this year. I can hardly wait to see how.

Happy New Year. I wish you luck with whatever goals and intentions you have for 2014. Please feel free to share them as a comment.

We love to talk about whether a year has been “good” or “bad.” (Or is it just me?) The real answer is usually “both.” For purposes of this post, I am only addressing my own progress, or lack thereof.

For the first time, I chose a personal “Word of the Year” for 2013.

Did I live up to it? No and yes.

No, in that I have not done yoga every morning. Or most mornings. Yes, in that I can still kick higher than my head, and have actually done so unsupported by furniture recently. (No guts, no glory.)

No, in that I haven’t posted as regularly to this blog as I intended, nor have I added any visuals. Yes, in that I have posted about more personal topics, and haven’t abandoned the blog. Also, I’ve linked to posts from my Facebook page, and shared posts directly with people I don’t even know, including real, live, published writers. Another yes: I attended WordCamp this fall.

No, in that I have not found a “real” job. Yes, in that I have, with the help of my friends, a new resume, and some ideas on what I would like to do next. Yes, in that I have applied to some interesting jobs, and made it to a phone interview once. I’ve joined a professional group in a field of interest. Yes, in that I am actually telling people I am looking for work.

Yes in that I am reaching out and developing new friendships. Yes in that I have pushed myself far out of my comfort zone by joining Toastmasters, and will be giving my “Icebreaker” speech on January 28th.

I plan to choose another Word of the Year for 2014. I was considering the following: Control, Connect, or Direction. I think now I prefer “Momentum.”

Two members of the Toastmasters’ group I have been visiting gave “Icebreaker” speeches at the last meeting. (An “Icebreaker” is a member’s first speech, intended to introduce the speaker to the group.) Both speeches were enjoyable, but one resonated with me. The title: “If You Do What You Have Always Done, You Will Get What You Have Always Gotten.”


I have spent this year focused on that message, trying, often unsuccessfully, to not do what I have always done. Specifically,  avoiding situations that make me uncomfortable. Like drawing attention to myself.

So I considered Toastmasters’. After weathering three shots at “Table Topics” (short impromptu speeches) I am done considering. I will write my membership check at the next meeting.

In some cases, I have stopped doing what I have always done by not doing nothing. In English, that means I have substituted action for lack of action.

Instead of telling my very career-savvy friends that I might ask them for help with my resume, I have sent them my resume for suggestions. You should see it now. I’m impressed.

Rather than wondering if I should approach people I know who are working in fields or companies that interest me, I have told them that I am looking for work, and asked for information. Oddly enough, they have been more than accommodating.

Reaching outside of my comfort zone again, I registered for WordCamp Raleigh, and attended alone. I learned a lot, and talked to folks I never would have met otherwise. I left with a few great ideas for future consideration.

And there is more.

Every little risk I have convinced myself to take has encouraged me to try something else. It doesn’t matter whether any given risk “pays off.” The payoff is in taking the risk.

Normally, when I haven’t posted to this blog for a while, it’s an indication that things aren’t going well: someone is ill; there’s some sort of family drama, or I’m just in some sort of inert funk for no easily articulated reason.

I am happy to report that’s not this case this time.

I’ve had a pleasant and eventful six weeks. Inspiring even. OK, there was one (very scary and horrifyingly expensive) instance of family illness/drama, involving my sweet little cat, but even that ended well, and it served as reinforcement of what I need to be doing.

Briefly, since I posted last, I’ve been back to California to attend a multi-class high school reunion, and squeezed in a daylong visit to my former office. I’ve attended two more meetings of the Toastmaster’s Club I wrote about in my last post. I registered for WordCamp, a conference hosted by WordPress, which I will be attending next weekend. I’ve applied to a handful of jobs. I’ve had several frank and friendly conversations with the boss at my part-time job, and there  are avenues to explore there. I’ve been reaching out to friends for job search help and advice, and I am encouraged and motivated as a result. I’ve stood next to Dr. T as he was sworn in as a lawyer; his exciting new venture makes me even more eager for one of my own.

Those are the highlights. There’s been a lot to think about, and a lot to write about. I am challenging myself to choose a schedule for that, and stick to it. In the interest of developing something I can stick with, I will plan to post on the days I am never scheduled to work: Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. We’ll see how that goes.

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