As promised last week, I have taken the following steps:

I have called (thinking that simply emailing was too passive) an office devoted to an aspect of criminal defense and offered my services as a volunteer.  I was immediately directed to email my inquiry, so I did.

I re-visited the website of a different, but related office that I had called last summer. I noted that the guy who did not return my call has been replaced by someone else. (I know it wasn’t because he blew me off, but I can pretend.) I also saw that they were requesting email applications from volunteers, so I shot off an email, also noting that I was interested in additional information regarding becoming certified as a Mitigation Specialist. I will attempt to call their current M.S. next week if I get no response from the email.

I attached an abbreviated form of my resume to both of these inquiries.

I also called the Carolina Dispute Settlement Services to request information on the training they offer to become certified as a Mediator. (This is something I should have done ages ago- I became interested in mediation while I was working in insurance, but somehow fell under the false assumption that a J.D was required to become certified. I have considered and abandoned the idea of law school too many times to count. )

Follow up to these inquiries is scheduled for next Tuesday.