It’s probably no coincidence that the optimism I felt yesterday has evaporated today.  Yesterday, I took my  usual morning walk with my next door neighbor, the sun was shining, and I had a meeting with my literacy student. Exercise with enjoyable company, time outside, and doing for someone besides myself guarantee a good day. Special bonus: when I stepped onto my front porch barefoot yesterday afternoon, the concrete was warm beneath my feet. You don’t fully appreciate that sensation unless it comes as a surprise in the middle of February.

Today is a different story. No walk, and it’s dark and drizzling. I am vaguely guilty over my relief at having nowhere I need to be. I hunkered down and did what needed to be done in hopes of moving my job search forward, but dragged along with me a gloomy sense that it was an empty endeavor. I opened and closed several drafts of posts to this blog without enthusiasm.

Every few minutes I look out my window, focusing on  a few daffodils which provide a spot of glowing yellow against the relentless brown and gray. I know that the days are getting longer and that spring is coming. I know that sooner or later, I will find something worthwhile to do. It’s just easier to remember when the sun is out.