I have never been one for cars, at least in the everyday sense. As a result of my addiction to old movies in high school, I developed a love of cars from the 1930’s and 40’s, but never believed I’d own one. As I neared the dreaded age of 30 (I was sooooo young then) I thought it would be awesome to have a car from the year of my birth (talkin’ to you, Tbird!) that would always look great, no matter what happened to me, but I never realized that dream.

Jags, Bentleys- I loved the look, but that was not my life.

My first car was a Mustang ll- I really wish someone had told me that you need to check the oil.

Next, a Datsun (remember, I am old) 210. Reliable and dull, just like the years I drove it.

After that, my favorite to that point- a Suzuki Sidekick, So cheap, so fun (convertible! 4 wheel drive!) I was in my early 30’s, but it was really the car of my youth.

The Sidekick was the last car I bought as a single person. We traded it in at some point for a very sensible little truck, to go along with our Camry. (Those were really the years I did not care about cars, other than to notice that after driving the Camry, I realized that my beloved Sidekick handled something like a kitchen table.)

After years of disinterested driving, I prevailed upon TMIM to consider a Volvo C70 Convertible. THAT was a car I loved. Of course, I ended up driving it far less often than anyone else in the family.

Recently, we traded in the Volvo. It was aging, and was never the same after severe damage sustained when Dr. T was the filling in a multi-car collision sandwich. The plan was to replace it with a smaller, more energy-efficient car.

I remembered driving a Ford Focus for work at my last job. It was compact, handled well, and easy to park (a real plus in San Francisco.) We discussed it, and decided to take a look. We took a quick spin on one at the closest dealership. The car felt fine to both of us. The numbers worked. We did the deal.

Our salesman, Tim, walked me out to my new ride. We sat in the front seats. He connected my phone to the Bluetooth. (The what now?) Then, he showed me the voice controls for the phone, the sound system, the AC, and for all I know, the Meaning of Life. I have several manuals to read through before I can fully appreciate just what I have gotten myself into. (There is a palette for ambient lighting, for crying out loud.)

I thought I was buying a modest, bare-bones, suburban car. Turns out I am bad ass. (Did I mention all the speakers and the subwoofer in the trunk?)

What I really wonder is, if this sort of thing is available at the Focus level, what the heck do the fancy cars have?