Oh, the plans and high hopes I had for this blog when I began- My posts would follow a chronological and/or logical order, and, consequently, so would my life. By now, I would have a real job, and the rest of my life would, as a result, be completely under control.

I had a clear plan to write about this first, then that. The plan quickly started to unravel as life events (how’s that for a euphemism?)  unfolded, and as I realized (again) that everything really is connected to everything else.

If I may quote Nelson of “The Simpsons”: “HA ha!”

So now, despite my best intentions, and in honor of the fact that there is no one clear path to anything, I am going to watch that little bane of my childhood existence, the playground merry-go-round, and just pick a time to hop on. I’m going to write about the next thing that comes to mind, knowing that it somehow connects to everything else I care about, and trust that whoever reads it will trust me to make the connection eventually.